Information About Effekt

Since 2002, Effekt has been providing real-time visuals for music performances. The basic philosophy has always been to make the visuals fit the music to a larger extend than most VJ groups do. The basis for this has been the programming of custom VJ software, optimised for live performance and modulation using real-time rendering, enabling the VJ to follow the music tightly and perform live in a similar way to many laptop musicians. The software allows for audio input from the music and by frequency analysis lets the VJ attach different aspects of the audio (bass, treble) to any parameter in the visuals, providing a direct link between music and graphics. Also, to the extend possible, a specific "set" of visuals is prepared (or pre-modified) for each show, to follow the mood and feel of the music as well as tempo and development.

Effekt has played more than 40 different shows with the likes of Pole, Process, Richard Devine, Funkstörung, Diefenbach and DJ Maxxximus; and been invited to Videodance in Athens, Sonic Acts in Amsterdam and serveral Scandinavian festivals.
A new version of the Effekt software is currently being developed based on the experience gathered during the three years of practise, with improved live features and the ability to render the visuals to a file.

Effekt consists of programmer Lasse Nielsen and designer Stefan Mylleager. A number of guest artists and programmers has been involved in Effekt over time, and the aim is to involve even more people with Effekt 2.0